Completion of Blocks B and C (Rosemary and Lavender) is currently estimated for October and Block D (Sage) in December


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Balconies being checked and levelled.








Part of the communal gardens between Blocks B and C being prepared for waterproofing.








Northern façade.







Pre-cast passive air vent delivered to site awaiting installation within the 1st floor communal garden areas.







Block D eastern elevation.








Block B as viewed from the Thames (just behind the Tower of London).



















One of the white kitchens (currently protected with a light blue plastic sheet).
















Block D western elevation.


















Northern cladding – almost complete.







View of The Thames from one of the apartment balconies – nice to see cruise liners coming into London.







The finishing touches to the western flank cladding system.








Work begins on the communal garden brickwork.








Internal balconies between Blocks B and C.








Gyvlon self-levelling screed being laid on top of the underfloor heating.








Northern façade, Block D cladding installation commenced.







View from the western side of Royal Mint Street looking east.

















View of Block B from the roof of Block C.









Cladding on Block C and the link between Blocks C and D.










Sprinkler water tanks installation complete.








View looking from east to west.








3 electrical substations now fitted out. Just awaiting live electrical feed.









Northern façade.