(Completion currently estimated for September/October 2019)


Dear Customers,

We have now successfully completed the installation of all 3 lift and stair cores and the scale and bulk of the Royal Mint Gardens project is becoming evident. All but 2 of the steel trusses have been delivered and installed with much of the mezzanine and first floor levels formed. The stairs within Core D are in and up to 8th floor level. In terms of programme with our main contractor, we are either on time or slightly ahead on all critical paths. The refurbishment of the arches has taken longer than anticipated albeit these do not form part of our critical path. Fitting out of the arches is on-going as our contractors intend to move the steel porta-cabins from site and take occupation of the arches, this will free up space around the site.

Looking forward, the next quarter should see the commencement of the brickwork for the townhouses fronting Royal Mint Street, the completion of the impact wall on the northern section being the final separation from the railway, swimming pool structure complete, cantilever steel work on the northern section fabricated and installed. All stair cores will be fitted with stairs up to a minimum of 4th floor. From the end of August, a new floor will be installed every 15-20 days.