(Completion is currently estimated for September/October 2019)


Link between B & C fully clad. Balconies next.










Block C – topped out.








Northern façade, Block B and link between Blocks B & C, cladding installation making good progress.








Roof decking being laid out on Block C in preparation for final concrete pour.







Balconies being installed on the western flank and the inner courtyard.










Block B – side elevation completed structure.















Link section between Blocks B and C almost fully clad. 100 cladding panels have been installed this week.
















View of the link from Block B to Block C. Link block concrete frame complete, Block C concrete frame complete 2 weeks from completion.









Block B topped out – concrete frame complete.








Panoramic view from the roof of Block B.





























It has been a frustrating week for our contractors, high winds and intermittent heavy rain have resulted in our tower crane being restricted from operating. However, they have managed to pour part of the roof section of Block B.







































Installation of the first cladding panels on the link between Blocks B and C.








The full bulk, scale and massing of the development is becoming apparent. Block B will be topped out this week, the link between Blocks B and C is complete, Block C will be completed before the end of February.












The upper level structural cut backs are now visible from the 10th floor upwards on Block B. Roof structure now commenced and topping out should be complete towards the end of this week.









Swimming pool and Jacuzzi area.