Dear Customers,

This quarter has seen the pace of works on the project pick up. We are pleased to report that the piling for the Docklands Light Railway (DLR) encapsulation and the capping beam required for the entire Royal Mint Development are now completed. The pre-cast wall units that form the extension of the DLR tunnel have been delivered to site and we are starting to erect the first major structures for the DLR Encapsulation.

Working with the DLR we have agreed railway shut downs, and pre-booked closures in July. The contractor is starting to prepare for a series of 52 hour working shifts to complete the roofing beams that extend the width of the existing DLR tunnel.

Over the next 3 months we aim to complete the encapsulation works and all the piling for the main development. Next quarter’s update should see all major interface works with the DLR completed for Royal Mint Gardens.


Intriguing Archaeological Find

In accordance with any major London planning consent, there is an obligation on the developer to carry out archaeological investigations. As part of this process several interesting finds were made, however, we can now reveal to our customers that the largest hoard of coins ever found in London have been discovered on the Royal Mint Gardens site, over 1,000 coins, each being a 10-groszy piece, arranged in piles and within a fabric wrapper. The coins date back to around 1830 when Poland had the title of Kingdom of Poland. The coins may well have been minted by the Royal Mint which was originally sited just across the road from this project with the intention of being shipped over to Poland. Investigations are on-going and a formal press release will be forthcoming later this year.

In terms of value, very little, but of significant historical interest especially to London’s polish community.