September 2019

Completion of Blocks B and C (Rosemary and Lavender) will take place in November and Block D (Sage) in December


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Dear Customers,

We are now peaking with almost 400 contractors on site daily, the big push to complete is well underway. The temporary hoists have been removed from the side of the building and the cladding works are complete. We are slightly behind programme with the fit out works and completions for Blocks B and C will take place in November, Block D will be complete in December. On a contractual note, at the appropriate time, buyers will be served with a notice, providing 10 days to complete, so please make sure all your financial arrangements are in place. If you need any help with regards furniture packs or blinds, do not hesitate to contact Shasha or Amy in the IJM Office.

All photovoltaic panels have been installed on the roof of Block B, commissioning of all plant (gas/water/electric) is underway, the communal gardens are being landscaped and the scaffolding on the lower levels is now being removed. Contracts have been awarded for the supply of furniture to the communal areas as has the supply of the projector and associated sound equipment for the cinema room. Our first member of the concierge team starts work on 1st October, making himself familiar with the layout of the building. Finally, please note that the IJM team have moved into their new office, being situated directly in front of Block D, Royal Mint St, we look forward to welcoming all of our customers.


The concrete reinforced walls that form the exterior of the pressurised escape are progressing well.







Paving to piazza.









Works to form the piazza entrance have commenced.
















Visitors from Malaysia.








Passive air vents on Piazza now installed.








As more scaffolding is dismantled and removed, more of the structure comes into view.








Foyer arch formed (behind which will sit the 24 hour concierge) in readiness for cladding.








Communal gardens on the link between Blocks C and D.











Planting now complete in the communal gardens between Blocks B and C.








Carpet supplies have now been delivered.










Trees being delivered.
























West elevation – brickwork almost complete. Work will now begin on the piazza entrance.








9th floor communal gardens – glass screens installed.








Area outside of lift lobby being tiled with moleanos limestone tiles. These are the same tiles that will be used in the main reception lobby and the walkway at the first floor level.









One of the first floor communal garden areas now being planted.








In the adjoining site, the lower level dig that will enable the construction of the pressurised escape route is now complete. Access through the sheet piling has been created to allow for the installation of an escape door. Rebar is being formed to facilitate the new reinforced concrete base.






Opening to DLR track side created.








Staff canteen being operated in shifts to accommodate the amount of workers.








Ceiling of reception foyer being prepared – brick column on the side of the entrance being formed.










Behind the hoarding, the retail unit on the corner of the building is clearly visible.