August 2019

Completion of Blocks B and C (Rosemary and Lavender) is currently estimated for late October/November and Block D (Sage) in December


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Dear Customers,

England won the cricket World Cup for the first time in history and today is the start of the Ashes. Nearly as important, the UK has a new Prime Minister who is predicting a very positive outlook for the coming years – time will tell but in the meantime, we are in for an interesting and potentially turbulent few months. We have received our formal certification for BREEAM standards (buildings performance/sustainability) achieving a rating of “Excellent” for the shell and core works. With the exception of the area immediately behind the temporary lift hoists (which are currently being dismantled) and the main entrance, all cladding panels are now installed. Landscapers have started, preparing the communal garden areas for decking and planting. The passive air vents in the communal areas are now fully enclosed and the man safe systems for the abseilers are installed. The passenger lifts in both Block B and Block C are now in beneficial use. Kitchens are installed in Block B up to level 9 and the first of the kitchens are now being installed in Block C. Our programme currently provides for all kitchens, bathrooms and flooring in Block B to be fully installed this month. The new retail unit fronting Royal Mint Street is now glazed and the brickwork to the front elevations is almost complete. Works are progressing well on the adjoining site with extraction systems installed and the lower level dig, which will ultimately create a pressurised escape from track level.










West (entrance side) lower flank walls.








Scaffolding to lower sections being removed. Brickwork at lower levels being exposed.

























Planters being filled with top soil and pavers being laid on one of the first floor communal garden areas.


















Cutting through sheet piling to create exit from DLR trackside.






























































































Communal garden weathered steel (Corten) planters being laid out by the landscape team.



























Landscapers laying the paving on one of the 9th floor communal garden areas.








Screed being laid at 1st floor level, in between external communal gardens and swimming pool/gym.








Adjoining site. A concrete box with stairs will be constructed within this area. This will provide a pressurised fire escape from the track level of the Docklands Light Railway.







Temporary hoists removed on the western elevation – remaining cladding panels being installed.









1st floor communal garden area – flower beds and stair opening being created.


















Glazing works to retail unit.








On-going plastering works.








Plant room construction works on adjoining site.










One of the 9th floor communal garden areas being laid out by the landscapers.








Railings above retail unit being installed.