December 2018

(Completion is currently estimated for September/October 2019)


Dear Customers,

As we move into December, we hope you have been following with interest the website progress photos and receiving the email updates. Please make contact if you have not received, Likewise, we have sent out a list of service providers to all customers so that furniture packs, mortgages, letting agents etc. can be contacted and procured well in advance of completion. If you have still not responded with your preferred colour choice for your kitchen units, please do so without delay. Orders are now being placed with our supplier.

We have had an extremely productive few months and by the end of December, block B concrete frame will be up to at least 12th floor, Core C 8th floor and Block D  5th, possibly 6th. The installation of all drainage, heating/cooling systems are well underway. The Reynaers/Staticus cladding panels are being fitted and we hope to have block B, up to 4th level, clad by Christmas. As floors are made watertight, the apartment layouts are being formed. The site is a hive of activity with over 200 contractors working each day. A lift hoist has been attached to the western flank of the building to assist with speedy access.

In case you missed out on the recent announcements, we are again delighted to announce that our contractor, Midgard Limited, won the prestigious Contractor of the Year Award (turnover up to £300m). Banagher Concrete, suppliers of the frame (encapsulation works), covering Docklands Light Railway, also won the Best Pre-Cast Construction Award for Royal Mint Gardens. With regards the remaining encapsulation and track side works, we have awarded the contract to J. Coffey Construction Limited. In terms of programme and completion dates, we are working closely with our contractor and will keep you well informed. As you will have seen, at the start of every month, we publish the estimated completion dates and we are still forecasting September/October 2019. If this is likely to slip, we will give you plenty of notice.

In the meantime, to those of you that have visited our office or provided any feedback, we thank you. To everyone, we wish you a festive month, and wish you all the very best for 2019. This is IJM’s last week in St Katharines Docks and we will temporarily relocate to one of the arches on site – accessed via Chamber Street.



Block D (Sage).








Back of house plant areas.

















Royal Mint Street now closed off to public vehicles – allowing deliveries and unloading to take place without delays.






Final screed laid on top of underfloor heating.








Underfloor heating being set out.








Cladding installation works making good progress.








Cantilever sections on the northern element are now fully cured so the steel supports can now be disassembled and removed.








Concrete pour, level 10 Block B (Rosemary).







Cantilever section as looking at Block D (Sage). The cantilever section to the right hand side of the photo extends over the Docklands Light Railway line which terminates at Tower Gateway station.














Evening view from the 10th floor looking south east.
























Individual plant control system.










Encapsulation steelwork being covered with block work.