October 2018

(Completion currently estimated for September/October 2019)


Visit to see progress of balcony fabrication.

Side on view looking east along Royal Mint Street. As we are closing out the works on the rear cantilever sections, the construction of the super-structure can proceed at pace, some sections will gain an extra floor every 7/10 days.


24th October and the sun is still shining bright in London. Long may it continue.

 Additional work-force on site so concrete spreaders working hard to stay ahead of Sky Deck installation team.

Internal ducting being installed.

View from street level looking west.

The area to the bottom left of the image shows the rebar which will eventually form both the roof of the “town houses” fronting Royal Mint Street and also the raised level communal roof gardens.  The blue covered area in the bottom right of the photo is the temporary covering to the passive air vent serving the Dockland Light Railway. The apartments within this area of the concrete frame will all have views into this garden area.

Façade cladding panels under construction. First delivery next month, November.

Team visit to inspect the factory of our kitchen manufacturer. 

Power floating the freshly laid concrete flooring.

Floor plates starting to take shape. Difficult to visualise at the moment but the area to the left of the yellow matting will form the gym area on first floor – the area to the right will be glazed with access into and views onto one of the roof gardens. At the end of the yellow matting, a glazed panel will provide a view into the swimming pool/ jaquzzi area – the glazed passageway will continue along the front of the pool room and provide access towards Block D and the second roof garden.

Just over 50% of the cantilever section now installed. 

Looking east and across the construction site. In order to speed up the delivery, many of the supporting walls are precast off site. This also improves quality.