April 2018

(Completion currently estimated for September/October 2019)


Lift/stair core Block B preparation works .

The steel trusses isolate the encapsulation tunnel from any structural loadings. Isolation bearings also mitigate any noise and vibration from the Docklands Light Railway.

Core C completed.

Core C under construction – hottest April Day in the UK since 1949!

Formation of the basement area below reception foyer.


Second lift/stair core (Block C) rises above Royal Mint Street.

IJM Land signage affixed to the lift and stair core rig (Block C). Slip form commences on Wednesday 18th and should take approximately 6 days of 24hr concrete pouring to conclude.

Turbosider tubing is being installed into the attenuation tank.

The northern façade of the lift/stair core (Block C)

Several large steels now fully installed.

Basement dig below reception area.