Cantilever section being installed during night works.

August 2018

(Completion currently estimated for September/October 2019)


Second floor pre-cast train impact walls now being installed. In the next few weeks, the external shape of the building will become more apparent including the 1st floor communal garden areas.

We are delighted to announce that IJM have secured a deal with Community Fibre to provide apartment owners within Royal Mint Gardens the following;

Experience the fastest internet in the UK, all ready for you to use from the day you move in and free during the first 6 months.

Community Fibre Gigafast’s package gives you an average download and upload speed of 920 Mbps, be ready to experience a new dimension in internet connectivity.

After the initial 6 months, you may choose to stay with Gigafast (£50 p/month), Ultrafast with symmetric speeds of 200 Mbps (£35 p/month) or the Basic package with symmetric speeds of 40 Mbps.

For more information on our products please visit  or contact us 24/7 on or 0800 082 0770

Block D, 2nd floor pre-cast planking installed.

Decking installed for the mezzanine level of the town houses fronting Royal Mint Street. Concrete pour will take place shortly so that the southern frontage of the building catches up with the other northern sections.

Part of the second floor is already poured – this image shows the operatives setting out more of the second floor.

2nd floor, block B, prep work for concrete slab pour.

Train impact pre-cast concrete walls now fully installed at 1st floor level.

Air conditioning to arches.

2nd floor Block D steels.

Impact walls and swimming pool frame.

Impact walls.

Cinema room – installation of double block work and sound proofing.

July 2018

(Completion currently estimated for September/October 2019)


Click on link to view the design solution for our northern cantilever.

Double height columns for retail area fronting Royal Mint Street.


Successful installation of first 3 walls witnessed by the safety teams representing the rail authorities. Permission granted to carry out the remainder of the installations during normal working hours and with live rail and operating trains in close proximity.

Night works – test run with the installation of train impact walls on hi level of rail viaduct.

Pre-cast train impact walls being laid out for installation on the northern side of the building. This initial test run will take place during engineering hours (night works – no trains). If the installation goes smoothly, the intention is the install the remainder of the walls whilst the rail lines are live/in operation.