February 2018

Preparation works for a large concrete pour on the northern side.

Core D prepared for slip forming rig.

The last of the reduced level dig on the northern side. Rebar fixing taking place and prep works for core C.

South side insulation works.

Both cranes installed and commissioned.

The start of the stairwell core for Block D.

North side, ground works progressing. Concrete poured in sections, rebar fixed and set in stages.

First crane installed and commissioned.

Arch screed being laid.

Levels being checked.

Good progress with the ground works on the northern section of the site.

Concluding ground works around Block D lift and stair cores.

Floor slab facing Royal Mint Street – Extending towards Mansell St.

Julie Houghton, Head of Asset Protection for Network Rail Anglia Route, carrying out site visit.

Reduced level dig on the northern side continues to make good progress.