April 2019

Completion of Blocks B and C (Rosemary and Lavender) is currently estimated for October and Block D (Sage) in December


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The street hoarding to the front of new Chinese Embassy has been removed to reveal the splendid listed building within the grounds.






Kitchen Installation.








Link Block between B and C. 








Installation of the first balconies Block C facing Royal Mint Street.









One of the roof parapets being made water tight. 















Cladding panels loaded onto the communal garden area between Blocks C and D – due to be fitted over next couple of days.







Pre-cast lift overrun on top floor, Block D.








Top floor cladding Block B installed.









Northern elevation of Block D as viewed from Magdalene Passage, E1.









View from the eastern side of Royal Mint Street looking west.

















1st floor link between Blocks C and D – runs parallel to the swimming pool area and communal gardens.







Northern elevation.






















First flooring installation.








First balconies on link between B and C.








Link between C and D.








Block C cladding progress.









Bathroom components.









Marble sample for bathroom.


















Plastering apartments.