November 2018

(Completion currently estimated for September/October 2019)


Looking down from Block D into one of the communal garden areas.


Town houses fronting Royal Mint Street now starting to take shape.

Arch structure within foyer area – this will be reduced in size and clad to complement the interior design.

Triple height foyer area now exposed following the removal of all the supporting props. 


First cladding panel installation.

First of the cladding panels being readied for installation.

One of the last cantilever sections which will be installed during night works.

View from 6th floor, Block B, looking east. On a clear day, like today, the towers within Canary Wharf are very visible.

View from 6th floor, Block B, looking south.

Photo of the cantilever steels with the decking installed for the flooring above. Once construction reaches level 8 on all floors, the steels can be removed as the cantilever becomes self-supporting. We have circled one of the Macalloy bars in red – these bars going through the entire building to basement level and are secured into the piling system in order to hold the weight of the cantilever sections.