April 2019

Completion of Blocks B and C (Rosemary and Lavender) is currently estimated for October and Block D (Sage) in December


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The street hoarding to the front of new Chinese Embassy has been removed to reveal the splendid listed building within the grounds.






Kitchen Installation.








Link Block between B and C. 








Installation of the first balconies Block C facing Royal Mint Street.









One of the roof parapets being made water tight. 















Cladding panels loaded onto the communal garden area between Blocks C and D – due to be fitted over next couple of days.







Pre-cast lift overrun on top floor, Block D.








Top floor cladding Block B installed.









Northern elevation of Block D as viewed from Magdalene Passage, E1.









View from the eastern side of Royal Mint Street looking west.

















1st floor link between Blocks C and D – runs parallel to the swimming pool area and communal gardens.







Northern elevation.






















First flooring installation.








First balconies on link between B and C.








Link between C and D.








Block C cladding progress.









Bathroom components.









Marble sample for bathroom.


















Plastering apartments.

March 2019

(Completion in Blocks B and C (Rosemary and Lavender) is currently estimated for October and Block D (Sage) in December)


Dear Customers,

Meteorological spring has begun and London has basked in a few weeks of glorious record breaking sunshine. The warmer than usual climate has increased productivity and we are now just a couple of weeks from completing the full concrete frame of the project. Blocks B and C are topped out, as are the links between Blocks B and C and Blocks C and D. Just a few levels of Block D remaining. We currently have 3 separate teams installing the cladding system and so far over 500 cladding panels have been installed and about 40 balconies.

The internal fit-out is closely following the cladding installation so underfloor heating, partitioning, first fix electrics and comfort cooling all progressing well. Just over 250 contractors on site every day.

Midgard, our contractor, has just been vetted under the Considerate Contractor’s Scheme and was rated in each category as either excellent or exemplary. This rating assessment considers interface with neighbours, individual operatives, management and most importantly site safety.

In recent months, the development has attracted considerable interest in London, specifically with regards the complexities and opportunities in building over and close to live rail infrastructure. You may be interested in the following video;


IJM and Knight Frank are hosting a Royal Mint Gardens buyers’ pre-completion update event in Kuala Lumpur on 3rd April 2019. Please click here for more details. In the meantime, if you have any queries whatsoever, do not hesitate to contact Amy – amy@ijmland.co.uk. Finally, Amy is still waiting for some buyers to respond with regards their choice of wardrobe colours. Please respond as soon as you can if you have not done so already.


Building created for electric substation.








First of the cooling plants being lifted in situ.








Plastered corridor.








Back of panels, glazed panels covered for protection.






Cladding panel ready to be installed.









Internal view of the contractors installing one of the cladding panels.








Looking down at the cladding installation Block C.








Northern façade Block B and link between B and C. The communal garden will be behind the blue meshing on the top floor of the link block.









South elevation.







Just the top floor cladding panels to be installed in this section.









Cladding between Blocks C and D.

























Plastering has started.








Jacuzzi and swimming pool area.









Side on photo standing in Royal Mint Street.








Back of house.


















Image taken from the raised courtyard communal garden looking back at the link between Blocks B and C. Cladding has now commenced on Block C.









South facing apartment on the 2nd floor.
















Internal partitioning closely following cladding installation.









Cladding around the roof garden between Blocks B and C.








South elevation – all large glass balconies on Block B now installed.
















Northern façade – Block B and link between Blocks B and C almost complete.









Western elevation – 27 balconies installed and closing out the cladding on the top 2 floors.









Cladding installation work taking place on the 9th floor roof garden link between Block B and Block C.








Site visit by Mr Tan Sri Krishnam – Deputy Non-Executive Chairman of IJM Corporation and former Chairman of IJM Land Berhad.









Western elevation.







Dato Soam, CEO of IJM Corp, and Edward Chong, CEO of IJM Land, visiting the site to check on progress.








Southern elevation looking at Block B and the link between Blocks B and C.








Work in progress – part of the bespoke reception chandelier being assembled. Murano, Italy.









Fan coil units – comfort cooling for each apartment.









South facing corner cladding sections.









East elevation brickworks – up to and around the encapsulation works.

February 2019

(Completion is currently estimated for September/October 2019)


Link between B & C fully clad. Balconies next.










Block C – topped out.








Northern façade, Block B and link between Blocks B & C, cladding installation making good progress.








Roof decking being laid out on Block C in preparation for final concrete pour.







Balconies being installed on the western flank and the inner courtyard.










Block B – side elevation completed structure.















Link section between Blocks B and C almost fully clad. 100 cladding panels have been installed this week.
















View of the link from Block B to Block C. Link block concrete frame complete, Block C concrete frame complete 2 weeks from completion.









Block B topped out – concrete frame complete.








Panoramic view from the roof of Block B.





























It has been a frustrating week for our contractors, high winds and intermittent heavy rain have resulted in our tower crane being restricted from operating. However, they have managed to pour part of the roof section of Block B.







































Installation of the first cladding panels on the link between Blocks B and C.








The full bulk, scale and massing of the development is becoming apparent. Block B will be topped out this week, the link between Blocks B and C is complete, Block C will be completed before the end of February.












The upper level structural cut backs are now visible from the 10th floor upwards on Block B. Roof structure now commenced and topping out should be complete towards the end of this week.









Swimming pool and Jacuzzi area.

January 2019

(Completion is currently estimated for September/October 2019)


Just the roof to go on and then block B is topped out.
















Under floor heating installation.
























Interior partitioning installation.









One of the plant rooms – in the process of being fitted out.









Communal garden link between Block B and Block C, topped out.








View of the Shard and across London from the 12th floor – late evening.







City view from the 12th floor – late evening.







Internal tiling now well underway.


























View of Block B from Block C – 4 internal balconies installed and views will be into and over the garden area.








Cladding as viewed from the northern elevation.










Double height commercial unit facing Royal Mint Street and entrance piazza.








Brickwork collage.









Cladding panels being laid out in preparation for installation.








Brickwork progressing to the front of the townhouses.








First couple of balconies facing Royal Mint Street now installed.








Staff canteen – keeping the builders well fed.








Some balconies have been installed and more are being delivered daily. This is one of the larger balconies that will front Royal Mint Street.






















View into the Tower of London, Tower Bridge, the Mayor’s office and The Shard.







View of the City of London from the 11th floor.







One of the floor plates – level 8.








The spider crane that is used to lift the cladding panels.








Looking into the courtyard from the front of Block B.





December 2018

(Completion is currently estimated for September/October 2019)


Dear Customers,

As we move into December, we hope you have been following with interest the website progress photos and receiving the email updates. Please make contact if you have not received,  amy@ijmland.co.uk. Likewise, we have sent out a list of service providers to all customers so that furniture packs, mortgages, letting agents etc. can be contacted and procured well in advance of completion. If you have still not responded with your preferred colour choice for your kitchen units, please do so without delay. Orders are now being placed with our supplier.

We have had an extremely productive few months and by the end of December, block B concrete frame will be up to at least 12th floor, Core C 8th floor and Block D  5th, possibly 6th. The installation of all drainage, heating/cooling systems are well underway. The Reynaers/Staticus cladding panels are being fitted and we hope to have block B, up to 4th level, clad by Christmas. As floors are made watertight, the apartment layouts are being formed. The site is a hive of activity with over 200 contractors working each day. A lift hoist has been attached to the western flank of the building to assist with speedy access.

In case you missed out on the recent announcements, we are again delighted to announce that our contractor, Midgard Limited, won the prestigious Contractor of the Year Award (turnover up to £300m). Banagher Concrete, suppliers of the frame (encapsulation works), covering Docklands Light Railway, also won the Best Pre-Cast Construction Award for Royal Mint Gardens. With regards the remaining encapsulation and track side works, we have awarded the contract to J. Coffey Construction Limited. In terms of programme and completion dates, we are working closely with our contractor and will keep you well informed. As you will have seen, at the start of every month, we publish the estimated completion dates and we are still forecasting September/October 2019. If this is likely to slip, we will give you plenty of notice.

In the meantime, to those of you that have visited our office or provided any feedback, we thank you. To everyone, we wish you a festive month, and wish you all the very best for 2019. This is IJM’s last week in St Katharines Docks and we will temporarily relocate to one of the arches on site – accessed via Chamber Street.



Block D (Sage).








Back of house plant areas.

















Royal Mint Street now closed off to public vehicles – allowing deliveries and unloading to take place without delays.






Final screed laid on top of underfloor heating.








Underfloor heating being set out.








Cladding installation works making good progress.








Cantilever sections on the northern element are now fully cured so the steel supports can now be disassembled and removed.








Concrete pour, level 10 Block B (Rosemary).







Cantilever section as looking at Block D (Sage). The cantilever section to the right hand side of the photo extends over the Docklands Light Railway line which terminates at Tower Gateway station.














Evening view from the 10th floor looking south east.
























Individual plant control system.










Encapsulation steelwork being covered with block work.









November 2018

(Completion currently estimated for September/October 2019)





Block B now rising rapidly. If you look close enough you will see the first cladding panel installed on this western elevation. You may also notice that we have installed a lift hoist on the flank of the building which is suitable for both men and materials. This helps assist with speedy access into and around the site.






Block D flooring being prepared for concrete pour. Block C and Block B can be seen at slightly higher levels.

















Back of house pipe work being installed.










Smaller version of the Murano glass chandelier commissioned for the foyer area.










The first of our Reynaer/Staticus cladding panels installed.








Rail authorities overseeing cladding panel installation.








Looking down from Block D into one of the communal garden areas.









Townhouses fronting Royal Mint Street now starting to take shape.








Arch structure within foyer area – this will be reduced in size and clad to compliment the interior design.








Triple height foyer area now exposed following the removal of all the supporting props.

















First cladding panel installation.








Many congratulations to our contractor, Midgard, who have just won the prestigious Building Award prize for Contractor of the Year 2018– in the category of companies with a turn-over below £300m.







Dry lining works commencing – laser precision.










First of the cladding panels being readied for installation.








One of the last cantilever sections which will be installed during night works.








View from the 6th floor, Block B, looking east. On a clear day, like today, the towers within Canary Wharf are very visible.








View from the 6th floor, Block B, looking south.















Photo of the cantilever steels with the decking installed for the flooring above. Once construction reaches level 8 on all floors, the steels can be removed as the cantilever becomes self-supporting. We have circled one of the Macalloy bars in red – these bars going through the entire building to basement level and are secured into the piling system in order to hold the weight of the cantilever sections.

October 2018

(Completion currently estimated for September/October 2019)


Visit to see progress of balcony fabrication.

Side on view looking east along Royal Mint Street. As we are closing out the works on the rear cantilever sections, the construction of the super-structure can proceed at pace, some sections will gain an extra floor every 7/10 days.


24th October and the sun is still shining bright in London. Long may it continue.

 Additional work-force on site so concrete spreaders working hard to stay ahead of Sky Deck installation team.

Internal ducting being installed.

View from street level looking west.

The area to the bottom left of the image shows the rebar which will eventually form both the roof of the “town houses” fronting Royal Mint Street and also the raised level communal roof gardens.  The blue covered area in the bottom right of the photo is the temporary covering to the passive air vent serving the Dockland Light Railway. The apartments within this area of the concrete frame will all have views into this garden area.

Façade cladding panels under construction. First delivery next month, November.

Team visit to inspect the factory of our kitchen manufacturer. 

Power floating the freshly laid concrete flooring.

Floor plates starting to take shape. Difficult to visualise at the moment but the area to the left of the yellow matting will form the gym area on first floor – the area to the right will be glazed with access into and views onto one of the roof gardens. At the end of the yellow matting, a glazed panel will provide a view into the swimming pool/ jaquzzi area – the glazed passageway will continue along the front of the pool room and provide access towards Block D and the second roof garden.