January 2018

Julie Houghton, Head of Asset Protection for Network Rail Anglia Route, carrying out site visit.

Reduced level dig on the northern side continues to make good progress.

Steel supports imbedded into the new concrete base – in place for the slip forming of core D – the most eastern block.

Steel cages being installed within reduced level dig area.

Recently installed piles exposed, to be cropped as part of the foundation works.

Floor slab of the town houses being extended along the southern side of the site.

Removal of soil from within the new attenuation tank.


Ground works directly in front of recently cleared arches.

Foundation works on the southern side.

Slip form frame being assembled and tested.

Dear Customers,

We are fast approaching the festive Christmas period and would like to express our best wishes to all of our buyers.

As you can see from the regular pictorial updates, our main contractor, Midgard, are making good progress. The piling for the superstructure was completed in August and since Midgard took possession of the site, they have been continuing the ground works, exposing the piles, cropping as required, installing steel cages and pouring main concrete beams. At the same time they have continued the installation of the sheet piling that abuts the public highway, removing existing floor slabs within the railway arches and advancing the attenuation tank structure. As always, since the work is taking place adjoining or within railway structures, the level of supervision is exhaustive.

To give you some idea as to the look ahead programme for the next couple of months, Midgard will continue with the ground works, complete the installation of the attenuation tank, install 2 cranes, construct the concrete columns for the steel trusses that will sit over the encapsulation works, start works on slip forming the core to Block D, and reconstruct the floors to the railway arches including the new drainage systems.


Slab and drainage installation.




Sheet piling for attenuation tank complete.


Mucking out – very restrained by the existing arched viaducts and the new encapsulation walls.


South side. Ground works progressing well.


North side ground works.

December 2017


North side reduced dig underway. Piles being exposed for cropping.


Sheet piling 25% complete for attenuation tank.